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While 2021 was a big year for NFTs, 2022 will be even bigger. Crypto Dinos is a community-focused project on the Solana blockchain that is capitalizing on the early opportunity and potential of Solana. As Ethereum gas prices and gas wars increase, Solana NFTs are becoming the new gold rush. Our roadmap is primarily focused on creating a strong diamond-hands community, making the project profitable for investors, and creating a long-term empire under the blockchain. The mint price will be 1.5 SOL and the collection will sell out quick, so make sure to join our community Discord server for the latest news regarding CryptoDinos.

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The Discord will be launched as well as all other social media. We will grant access to the limited pre-sale whitelist which will be attainable through the discord and launch the collection of 4,444 Genesis CryptoDinos. On top of this, we will also be releasing 12 Legendary CryptoDinos that will be randomly distributed to spice up the collection and provide more value to holders.

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Behold the mighty CryptoDinos; a collection of 4,444 dinosaurs set to conquer the Solana blockchain. These dinos travel the blockchain in search of their collector, carrying a twisted genetic strand of DNA that becomes active when the last dinosaur is collected. Join the CryptoDinos and establish a new kind of community - The Kings of $SOL.

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CryptoDinos Hell Dino #0

With the CryptoDinos collection being minted on Solana, a new board of investors will form! All holders of CryptoDinos will join our exclusive board that will make decisions about the project, further marketing efforts, and distribution of profit. 20% will be fully reinvested into marketing CryptoDinos after our public sale to propel the project forward in the aftermarket and sweep the floor. We will also emphasize a strong focus on establishing a diamond hands community, keeping the floor as high as possible.

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Phase 3 will be focused on celebrating our success, building trading volume in aftermarket sales, and continuing to build our community! The team will launch the collection of Baby Crypto Dinos, consisting of 5,555 baby dinosaurs on the Solana blockchain! Bringing renewed hype to the collection, new investors will be forced to take notice, therefore increasing the value of the existing Crypto Dinos. All CryptoDinos holders will receive exclusive access to our new high-quality line of merchandise based around the project. We will also be doing weeks of many large giveaways for the whole community of CryptoDinos, as we’d love to give back to all of our supporters!

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Phase 4 will introduce the long-awaited mutant dinosaurs, which will be available as a free mint for all holders of CryptoDinos. Investors will receive their free mutant serum, granting access to the mutant version of their dinosaurs. Alongside this, 25% of all aftermarket royalties will be continuously put into a fund designated for marketing the original CryptoDinos in the aftermarket, creating a cycle that will dramatically increase the value of CryptoDinos for all investors. As time goes on, the board will continue to make decisions as Crypto Dinos become more valuable. This may include creating a passive income coin or metaverse game to introduce more utility! Our roadmap will continue to evolve and grow as we build the network.

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Undisclosed to many, all early investors of the CryptoDinos project will gain whitelist access to a massive project that will grant all investors a membership to their real-life yacht club that doubles as a lifetime reciprocal ticket, allowing you access to nearly all yacht clubs in the world. There will also be a staking utility which will yield real-life prizes such as access to vacations and exclusive events. This is the first NFT project to ever do this, and we could not be more excited to release this to our investors.

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